Julie’s Birthday

Tonight we went to Julie’s surprise birthday party. Derek had been planning it for weeks. He sent invitations to 40 people and ordered appetizers. He told Julie they would be spending the evening together at a restaurant then catch a movie. To his horror she told him–rather emphatically–that she didn’t like the restaurant he planned to take her to. Derek then scrambled with the logistics of changing all his plans and notifying the guests.

It was a great party! Many of Julie and Derek’s families and friends were there, including Julie’s brother from New York City.

The best part of the party was seeing Julie so happy. We also go to enjoy belly-dancing. All evening belly-dancers entertained us with their clinking, shaking, and swaying to the music. Skye and Jenna were enthralled and memorized all their moves. Soon the two of them were doing their best belly-dances in the aisle. It was fun and cute. Coincidentally we didn’t bring our camera.

This weekend I have Reserves. I went in early to launch out some jets. I marshalled one out then one broke. We spent all day troubleshooting and fixing a static leak. Joe tightened all the fittings until it leaked good. Tomorrow is a family day picnic. I think I’m helping to cook. It should be fun if it isn’t too hot.

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