My Birthday

Friday evening after work we went to Nicky and Bill’s house for dinner. The food and company were fantastic. The wholesale mlb jerseys girls especially enjoyed jumping on their large trampoline in the backyard. After dinner we all went to the south “Y” and played table-tennis, air hockey, and foosball. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning I went to Learjet to work wholesale nba jerseys on my Groningen database. At about 9:30 I December met with my CS665 project group at one of the public libraries. We had a productive maken meeting. I would have gone back to work following our meeting but Kirsten made me return home to spend time with her and the girls.

After seeing the girls have so much fun on the trampoline Kir and I decided to get one for them. Jenna and I took the truck to Sam’s and picked Julie’s it up. She helped Kir and I set it up. We didn’t tell Skye about any of it. When she finally opened the door to the backyard the trampoline was Eng already up and we were working on the enclosure. She was frozen with excitement at the door; her mouth gaped in disbelief. We enjoyed our time with Jenna and she seemed to enjoy herself also.

Saturday evening Kirsten cheap mlb jerseys got a babysitter so we could go out. We went to dinner then the book store to read books and talk.

Sunday morning I went to Learjet again to work on my database. On Busy the way home I stopped by the Whitcraft’s to pick up a birthday gift they had for me. They were celebrating Alex’s birthday and were preparing for her big first birthday party. They gave me a couple un of very soft Old Navy shirts that will certainly be good for my marriage:) Later that afternoon I opened presents and we had Kirsten’s amazing chocolate cake. There were no big plans which allowed me to do whatever I wanted. It was a PERFECT birthday!

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