Defending the Nation and PHP

This weekend is my monthly AF Reserves weekend. This morning we did some autopilot training which is very beneficial for me since I rarely get to work on aircraft.

My latest passion is web database applications. I’m in a class right now where I’m learning how to develop an Oracle database and write applications wholesale nba jerseys in C My to use the database. On my own I’m learning PHP and MySQL. I just finished writing a script Julie’s to generate the HTML for I wrote most of the code in one evening but had a bug I could not find. I finally posted the problem to experts-exchange. The experts didn’t know what the problem was but suggested it ports may have something to do with daylight savings time. Sure enough. I set one mktime parameter to 1 and the problem was solved. cheap jerseys There is a tremendous satisfaction associated Busy with finding and fixing bugs!

I have some business meetings the next Peering three days. It should be fun and/or interesting. The site accounts Wie?owce receivable analysts are flying in this cheap nba jerseys evening and I’m taking them to dinner.

Fedora Core 3 should be released to the wholesale jerseys torrent today. Hopefully it will have support for my USB wireless network adapter without me having to recompile the kernel.

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