Too Busy defines time as a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. It is abstract. Time is not a commodity that can be accumulated, traded, bought, or sold.

We all have exactly the same amount of time; my present becomes my past at the exact pace everyone else’s present becomes their past.

Time is the primary constituent of meaningful relationships. Happiness is a function of our relationships and is the essence of life. Therefore, fostering our relationships merits the highest priority and quantity of our time. We should spend as much of our time cultivating these relationships as possible.

The common phrase, “I don’t have time” translates roughly to, “I’m choosing to spend my time doing something else.” Remember this the next time someone you care about requests you spend some of your time with them. They’ll know how much you care by your response.

Photo: ak37
Photo: ak37

Kirsten has been excited lately–passionate even–about coffee. She researched coffee history, different drinks made with coffee, and products used for making those coffee drinks. Her entire experience with coffee, however, has been limited to a single cup of cappuccino from the local convenience store she purchased a week or so ago. After exhaustive research she decided to purchase a $300 espresso machine so she could make her own delicious gourmet coffee drinks here at home. She decided to sample coffees before making the purchase to be sure it’s what she wanted. So off she went tonight to the nearest Starbucks. They were kind enough to explain everything to her, make suggestions, and make the drinks free of charge. She returned a few hours later and declared, “I’m definitely not an espresso or coffee drinker.” I’m glad she tried before she buyed. It’s back to cappuccino at Quiktrip;)

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  1. OK, that’s not entirely true about my coffee experience. I have always had a weakness for mocha and coffee flavoring in drinks and desserts. A funny story: I went to Quicktrip this morning to make my own hazelnut cafe au lait. A lady asked me advice about making a good coffee drink and I gave her several tips as though I were the coffee guru. It was quite humorous. I must admit I succeeded in creating a delicious product!

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