In Love

One of the few benefits of surgery has been the time I’ve been able so spend with Kirsten and the girls this past week. I’ve been horizontal most of the time but it’s been nice to watch the girls play and to have long conversations with Kirsten. Kirsten is amazing! Last night we watched Before Sunset. It’s the sequel to a movie we both enjoyed recently, Before Sunrise. The movies have two characters that have an uninterrupted conversation the entire movie. These movies gave Kirsten and me a lot to talk about which is always nice.

This evening we typed in captions for our photo albums. It’s one of those tasks that we’ve procrastinated a long time because it’s seemed so boring. We didn’t have a good system. So I created a spreadsheet with an associated mail-merged Publisher file. It’s working well. We ordered a nice paper cutter that should arrive early next week. That will make the most difficult part of the task quite simple. It was fun to sit together and look at old photos. We always enjoy doing projects together.

Before we started doing the captions I made us a couple new drinks that were very good. The first was another variation of the Purple Hooter and the second was a drink called Screaming Orgasm. Most of our recipes so far have come from a book called The Ultimate A-To-Z Bar Guide. It’s FULL of great drink recipes and advice for both the new and experienced drink mixer.

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