Refueling A-10s

This past week MSgt Baker (Biscuit) asked me if I’d be willing to go on an out-and-back to refuel some A-10s. That was an easy decision. I get to fly AND don’t have to sit in the office?

We showed up this morning at six o’clock and eventually took off. I was in the boom pod when we passed gas to the A-10s. It was cool! I’ve never seen an A/R with those awesome aircraft.

Tonight the weather cleared up so I decided to go flying. I’ve been wanting for about a week now to do a touch-n-go at El Dorado then fly over the lake with a night return and night touch-n-gos at Jabara. It was fun to land at an unfamiliar airport, fly low over the water and try to see what the campers were having for dinner, and getting some night time in. The aircraft at times made me a little nervous but I had fun “hanging out” over Kansas.

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