Flying with Lisa and John

Lisa is an invoicing analysts in my department at Learjet. Her husband John is interested in pursuing his pilot’s license so I offered to take them on a flight. We planned to meet at the airport at 1800. I went early to get in some crosswind pattern work before they arrived. John sat up front on our way to Moundridge and flew most of the way. He’s quite good and had little trouble holding altitude, heading, or airspeed. We did two touch-n-gos at Moundridge before flying very low over Dave’s house. Lisa was able to pick it out easily after seeing the pictures I had taken of it earlier.

We then headed towards El Dorado with John at the controls. We climbed to 5,000′ and were kissing the bottoms of the few puffly clouds that dotted the baby blue sky. We did a full-stop landing at El Dorado so Lisa and John could switch places. After leaving the airport we turned north and flew low over El Dorado Lake. Lisa flew the VOR back to Jabara and, like John, did quite well.

Any time flying is a good time. It’s especially great with good company and pleasant weather. John and Lisa seemed to share at least a bit of my passion for aviation. Hopefully John and Lisa will soon begin their aviation adventure and work towards their pilot certificates!

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