Picking Up the Girls

Static Wicks Originally uploaded by brentdanley. Kirsten developed a spinal fluid leak this week which stalled an otherwise perfect recovery. She’s been ordered to stay completely horizontal for four to five days to give it a chance to heal. If it hasn’t healed by Sunday they’re going to put in a drain which will require […]

Redneck Rocket Launcher

Kirsten’s doing well considering what she’s been through this week. She doesn’t sleep for long periods and has constant headaches because she can’t breathe through her nose. That should last a while. I feel bad for her but there’s little I can do except try to keep her comfortable and resting. Our neighbor, Wayne Mercer, […]

Kirsten Is Home

Corner Mirror Originally uploaded by brentdanley. Kirsten was trying to stop a stubborn trickling nose bleed when I arrived at the hospital this morning. A long shower made her feel much better. After Kirsten’s lunch I called Patsy for some medical advice and to let Kirsten talk to Skye, Jenna, and Hayley. They’re doing well […]

Going Home

I spoke to Kirsten on the phone this morning. She said they removed the packing from her nose. Dr. Hsu’s PA, Wendy, said Kirsten can go home whenever the other doctors release her. Dr. Michael visited her later and said everything looks good and she can be released. We’re finally going home! Kirsten’s going to […]

Out of the NCCU

Downtown Wichita Originally uploaded by brentdanley. Kirsten was finally moved out of the Neurological Critical Care Unit to a regular room today. It’s not as nice here but it means she’s getting better and doesn’t require constant monitoring. The sensors have been removed from all over her body. In the NCCU the measurements were displayed […]

Smooth Recovery…So Far

Flowers Originally uploaded by brentdanley. There are only four visiting hour slivers in the NCCU each day. Kirsten’s endocrinologist, Dr. Michael, visited her this morning before my first visit. He had to give her hormones because her urine production had spiked. He also said she’ll probably have to continue taking Norditropin┬« and Synthroid┬« for the […]

Send Kirsten an Email

Please send Kirsten and email! Many of you have expressed concern, encouragement, support, well-wishes, and compassion. I pass all that on each time I visit her at the hospital. It would be nice if her email inbox became flooded with encouraging emails from all of you. I’ll print them and take them to the hospital. […]