A Visit From Nana


Late Saturday evening I picked Patsy (Nana) up at Mid-continent Airport. Sunday morning she took the three girls to church. I think they all enjoyed the time together. In the afternoon we had dinner at Abuelo’s before going to the book store to get coloring books to keep the girls busy on the airplane.

The computer system at work was down this weekend and didn’t come back up until 4am Monday morning. So at 3:30am I drove to work to run my reports and do other tasks to prepare for a week of absence.

Today we had the Power of Attorney notarized before going to lunch at P.F. Chang’s. This picture was taken this afternoon between P.F. Chang’s and Abuelo’s.

The girls are gone! At 2:30pm we helped Patsy get boarding passes, check the luggage, and get to security. We said our goodbyes and off they went. It was hard to watch as they walked away and out of sight. Before they were gone Jenna turned and yelled, “GOOD BYE”. They’ll have a great time in Florida but we’ll miss them tremendously.

Patsy–as usual–was fantastic! We appreciated her help, enjoyed her company, and are very glad to have been able to spend a couple days with her. Dad and Patsy are heroes for taking the girls especially given the fact they sacrificed a long-planned twenty-year wedding anniversary to do it. Nothing is more comforting and brings as much happiness as close family relationships. Kirsten and I are lucky and extremely grateful for our family and many wonderful friends.

Tomorrow’s the big day. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a blog entry or two from the hospital to let you know how things are going.

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