In Surgery

We woke up this morning shortly after three o’clock. At a quarter after five we left for Via Christi. Kirsten had completed her pre-op testing and paperwork days before so we were ushered into the admissions waiting room. After a short time we were led to the third floor where we parted ways; Kirsten went to surgery and I found a table where I knew I would be spending the better part of the morning.

The waiting room is nice. There are many families watching t.v., reading, and talking quietly. Doctors frequently come in and out to let family know how the surgeries went. Kirsten’s surgery should have started eighty minutes ago. I’ve been writing Excel VBA code for Skye’s arithmetic worksheets, reading The Economist and John Grisham’s “The Summons”, and eagerly watching the clock while I wait for Dr. Hsu. He probably won’t be done for another hour or so.

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