Smooth Recovery…So Far

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There are only four visiting hour slivers in the NCCU each day. Kirsten’s endocrinologist, Dr. Michael, visited her this morning before my first visit. He had to give her hormones because her urine production had spiked. He also said she’ll probably have to continue taking Norditropin┬« and Synthroid┬« for the rest of her life. That’s approximately $700 a month. I’m not sure how the hell we’re going to pay for that. Apparently the tumor damaged the pituitary.

Dr. Hsu’s PA, Wendy, also visited Kirsten. Before she started working for Dr. Hsu she worked at the girls’ pediatrician. Kirsten says she is their favorite PA. Wendy told Kirsten a post-op x-ray confirms that most of the tumor was removed. That’s good.

I understand there is little research money for benign brain tumors which is why the medical community knows so little about cause and prevention. What I don’t understand is why they can’t agree on treatment. If she would have had the tumor removed when it was initially diagnosed it might not have damaged the pituitary. You might have inferred that I’m a little stressed. I am.

Kirsten is doing well. She’s in good spirits and smiles as much as she is able. They have her on a complex pharmaceutical cocktail which causes her to drift in and out of sleep. She can’t read her magazines so she’s resorted to watching the television. The staff has been kind and attentive.

I spoke to Skye this morning and asked her to post her pictures on Flickr so I can print them for Kirsten. Hopefully she’ll do that soon. We miss the girls tremendously. They went swimming twice yesterday. My little brother Michael said he might take them to Kennedy Space Center. They’d enjoy that.

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  1. Yes, doctors are aggravating – if they would have removed it when the tumor was small it wouldn’t have damaged her pituitary gland but they said to wait…I believe there’s a lot of guessing on their part, unfortunately. They removed most of it, does that mean the little bit they left won’t cause her any trouble or grow? I don’t know, you have to just hang in there and do the best you can. A lot of hits and no messages shows she has a lot of family and friends checking for updates! Take care and tell Kirsten hi!


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