Out of the NCCU

Downtown Wichita
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Kirsten was finally moved out of the Neurological Critical Care Unit to a regular room today. It’s not as nice here but it means she’s getting better and doesn’t require constant monitoring.

The sensors have been removed from all over her body. In the NCCU the measurements were displayed on a computer monitor in the room as well as the nurses’ station and a central monitoring room somewhere in the hospital. Her last nurse in NCCU, Katie, said the people that monitor patients remotely kept calling to notify her that Kir’s heart rate was very low. Katie said Kirsten must run six miles a day to have such a healthy resting heart rate. It’s obviously not the norm.

After my second visit today I decided to go take pictures instead of going home. Photography is a great stress reliever. The clouds were gathering in the heat of the afternoon and provided some fantastic sky shots.

Kirsten’s watching a DVD. The nurse, Stacey, just removed her intravenous drip. Soon she won’t be tethered to anything. I hope this means she’ll be released soon. I could take much better care of her at home. Visiting hours ended at eight but her nurse said I could stay longer unless Kirsten gets a roommate.

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  1. It’s funny… photography is kind of like reading a book. It extends your view _away_ from yourself while allowing you to still stay in contact with what is directly around you. Photography even moreso.

    And, like books — photography is a very accessible muse. 🙂 Hope you’re all doing well.

  2. Brent Danley says: Reply

    michelle – Love your characterization. I agree. I can get totally lost in photography. It forces me to look at the world differently; it makes ordinary interesting. I also enjoy practicing techniques and learning to use my instruments. It’s fun to put the pictures on the computer and play with them. Photography is also a social activity for me. I don’t think I’d enjoy it so much if other people didn’t find them interesting or enjoy them. Flickr is a great place for me to share my photos and learn from other amazing artists.

    Thanks for the comment.

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