Redneck Rocket Launcher

Kirsten’s doing well considering what she’s been through this week. She doesn’t sleep for long periods and has constant headaches because she can’t breathe through her nose. That should last a while. I feel bad for her but there’s little I can do except try to keep her comfortable and resting.

Our neighbor, Wayne Mercer, brought over some food. It was delicious. Kirsten’s friend Jody Bradshaw brought several frozen meals over with a beautiful flower arrangement. They sat and talked for a while. Thank you both very much!

While Kirsten was sleeping I found this video. Hopefully it brightens your day a bit.

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  1. ….and I thought we were cool lighting bottle rockets out of a mailbox using a propane torch to light them. I guess that it’s not a bad thing to be less of a redneck (in some (all) cases)… DS

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