Thunderbird Takeoff
Originally uploaded by brentdanley.

Kirsten Update – she’s doing great! She’s been ordered to do no more than brisk walking and less than five pound weights for the next two months. We’ll see if she can do that. I doubt it. One day last week I caught her doing calisthenics on our bedroom floor. She didn’t think I’d catch her.

Today Neal and I went to the 2006 McConnell AFB Open House. It was great. The US Air Force Thunderbirds headlined the show. Visit my Flickr page for pictures. Next weekend I’ll be at Kansas City to watch the Navy’s Blue Angels.

Kirsten said instead of going to the airshow tomorrow I should take her and the girls to the Kansas State Fair. It should be a different kind of fun. It’ll be nice to see the girls see the animals.

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