Splashing in Puddles

Every kid should spend time splashing in dirty puddles. I was taking pictures of reflections in the puddles when Hayley came out. I enticed her to the edge so I could get a shot of her reflection. Soon she was standing and splashing in the puddle. Skye must have seen her from the house because she quickly came and joined her. At first they were hesitant and thought they’d be in trouble for getting wet and dirty. When they were sure they had a green light they laughed and frolicked and splashed in the water with abandon.

I took several hundred pictures of the girls. When I began processing them in Photoshop I found they were all grainy. An inspection of the camera settings confirmed my suspicion…the ISO was set to 1600. Nikon should have a button to instantly return the camera to user-defined default settings. I’ve been burned many times because I grabbed my camera in a hurry and started taking pictures without taking the time to set the camera properly. Perhaps I’ll resolve to check camera settings with increased diligence in the new year.

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