Happy New Year

It’s 2007! 2006 was a great year for me and our family. I finally graduated from Wichita State University, my relationship with Kirsten is better than I deserve, and the girls are happy and healthy. We look forward to an exciting and happy 2007.

We purchased our house ten years ago while I was in the Air Force and we were childless. It is for sale. Kirsten and I have decided to move to Maine where we can start a new life. Wichita has been a great place for me to earn a degree and start my career but it’s always been a temporary place for us. We’ve never considered staying here longer than necessary. It’ll be nice to go somewhere we can start a new life and put down roots.

If being fat isn’t motivation enough to get to the gym or eat better, the calendar moving to one-one certainly won’t be sufficient for long-term change. New year resolutions are too easily broken so I usually don’t make them. This year, however, I am making one resolution; I am going to post one blog entry every day. I hope this will help me stay grounded. I expect this to be a year full of optimism, challenges, and new beginnings and I want the events and my thoughts to be documented.

Do the things that will bring you the most happiness. I wish you all well in the coming year. Thanks for visiting The Rhetoric.

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