Date Format Differences

The number of countries that format the date as date/month/year is long. Still many others format the date as year/month/date. The United States is among only a handful of countries that write the date in the format month/date/year. Did we just need to be different? The former two are either decreasing or increasing specificity from left to right. That makes sense. The way we Americans do it doesn’t follow logic. To make matters even more confusing we say July third and the following day is the fourth of July. What?


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  1. Ha ha ha! That’s an interesting observation Brent. Yes, the United States certainly does seem backward. Look at our unit of measurement. Why couldn’t we have just used the metric system???

  2. Thanks for the comment Sweetie.
    We couldn’t have just used the metric system because the country was born before the metric system was invented. The metric system is superior in nearly every way to the disparate measurement systems in use throughout the world. The reason we don’t use it here in the United States probably has more to do with our natural resistance to change; it could also be that it was developed by the French.

  3. Haven’t you noticed the way Detroit is making cars now?? They use neither Metric or Standard. They are making up tools to use so they don’t have to be held to either system.

    Also here’s a ditty I learned in the 7th grade from my English teacher…’those who have a fifth on the fourth, shall not come forth on the fifth’….It’s one of those things that rolls around the brain forever to get jogged to the top once a year…!!

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