Photograph Kirsten Danley

We had some good snow yesterday so today I took the girls outside for some fun. We made snow people, had lots of fights, and built a fort. This is probably the girls’ first experience with good snow. We don’t get much snow here in Wichita and what little falls is usually tiny dry flakes that quickly melt or blow away. The girls were apprehensive at first and each cried the first time they were hit with a “snow ball” (I never even packed them). After they realized it was only water, was soft, and a little cold they were able to have a great time. Jenna and Hayley were both upset when Kirsten and I finally left them to go inside.

They’re even more anxious now to move to Maine where they can play in the snow all winter and even go sledding. There are more pictures of the fun we had at Kirsten and my Flickr photostreams.

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