Car Chase

I witnessed a car chase today while taking pictures of trains.

On the drive home I crossed some railroad tracks and noticed an approaching train. I quickly pulled onto the first side street and parked in front of a car that had been pulled over by the police. I put the 18-75mm glass on the camera and walked up to the train track. Little attention was paid to the two police officers and the man they’d pulled over.

After a few minutes I heard one cop tell the man they were giving him a ticket but that his tags were not expired. Up to this point it appeared to be a routine traffic stop. But when the man was about to get back into his car he turned to the police and said, “Can I ask you a question?” He walked back to the officers while I returned to shooting pictures of the now passing train. After a few moments I looked back and saw them patting this man down. That seemed strange to me but I was busy and wasn’t too interested.

The fun started just after the train passed. I was done shooting and walked down the hill on which the train tracks are elevated. The man the officers were detaining broke free and ran to his car. The cop yelled, “Hey, stop!” while running toward the man’s car. He wasn’t fast enough to apprehend the man before he got in his car and shut the door. The car sped forward while the two officers raced back to their cars.

As I drove away I saw the man’s car abandoned on the next street. Another street over a police officer was running on foot.

It’s not every day that I get to witness a car chase. I felt like an extra on the television show COPS. I’m interested in why the man didn’t just leave when the released him and why he fled. Was it worth losing his car and possibly his freedom?

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  1. Wow, that was quite a photography outing you had! 🙂

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