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I recently purchased Building Flickr Applications With PHP from and read it on the airplane to Boston. The authors, Rob Kunkle and Andrew Morton, do a fantastic job explaining how to install the Phlickr PHP5 libraries and use them to harness the power of the Flickr API.

I’ve recently started using Phlickr to write code that will dynamically grab thumbnails from my Flickr photostream and put them on The Rhetoric’s sidebar.

Rob Kunkle, one of the authors, has been a tremendous help getting me started. I don’t have access to the php.ini file on my web host and wasn’t having any luck putting an include_path in a .htaccess file. He answered emails and made suggestions which were far more helpful than the support my web host provided.

Tonight Andrew Morton, Phlickr’s author, helped me limit the number of photos returned from Flickr API method

If you’re interested in Flickr and know PHP I suggest you pick up a copy of this book and start using Andrew’s awesome libraries. I’ve been learning a bunch and having a blast!

Thanks Rob and Andrew.

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