Boeing Corporation’s New 797 Aircraft

Boeing 797

A coworker forwarded an email to me today about Boeing Corporation’s new 797 “blended-wing-body” aircraft. The picture attached to the email (posted here) is quite interesting. This aircraft will likely never come to market but it’s fun to think about the future of airplane design. has additional information as well as a possible seating configuration.

Several people at flyertalk have weighed in with their 2 ยข. Here are the funniest.

CelticFlyer – “Now flight attendants can be 4’6″ but must have 10′ arms…”

Doppy – “I hear it’s going to be a 2-35-2 configuration.”

SkaterJasp – “Just imagine sitting on the outer most part of the cabin and when the plane banks left or right…. I’m guessing those sitting the at the edge of the cabin will feel the most sudden movement…..”

IceTrojan – “I’d hate to get a middle seat on that thing…”

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  1. john wilberg says: Reply

    I hope boeing SMOKE”S the flight industry !!!,… I’s about Time The US Kicks some ass with new developmentments!!!! GO!!!!! Belive IT !!! What a BOSS plane!!….

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