African American Parents Luncheon

There is an African American Parents Luncheon at the girls’ school February 13. Admittedly I do not know the sponsor or the agenda so I’ll keep that in mind as I rant.

Blacks have come a long way in the United States and have endured great persecutions in their struggle for equality and civil rights. I cannot understand, therefore, why some of them continue to discriminate on the basis of race. Haven’t we learned that discrimination and bigotry in all their forms are antithetical to peace and harmony? Racism is disgusting!

This meeting, I presume, is for African American parents to meet for lunch to discuss issues relating to their children and the school. I am a white parent and the issues they discuss relate to me and my white children. The qualifications for inclusion, I suppose, are being black and having a student at Griffith Elementary. My skin is the wrong color.

I won’t attend the luncheon. It’s not a fight worth fighting. I just don’t get it.

The civil rights movement was good for blacks but it has also been good for America. I proudly stand next to my black brothers and sisters to honor the great leaders of the civil rights movement. Black history, culture, and traditions are thing we should all celebrate as they are an important part of the fabric that is humanity. Racial discrimination, however, should not be accepted in any form by any race.

Griffith Elementary should remove this event from the calendar. If black parents wish to meet on their own it’s their prerogative. A meeting in which inclusion is based primarily on race should not be sanctioned or promoted by a public institution. They should have a luncheon open to all parents, even if the agenda includes race relations or problems specific to black students.

Please weigh in with your 2ยข. I’m especially interested in the perspective of black readers.

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