Puritanical Fear Mongerers

I ran across an interesting blog post about the recent scare in Boston perpetrated by the Cartoon Network. It’s embarrassing that in our post 9/11 society people are so afraid and suspicious that the bomb squad would have to be called to remove LED signs and then arrest those who made the signs and posted them around the city.

What I found interesting about the blog post is the author’s rant about the news coverage. The cartoon character on the signs was “flipping the bird”. According to the poster some of the news media stories featured the cartoon character with a blurred middle finger. What the fuck is wrong with our society?! We’re so worried about the puritans (i.e. Christians) getting offended that we censor the gestures of cartoon characters? That’s embarrassing!

Lighten up. Grow up. Nobody got hurt. And it was funny.

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