I watched an interview of James Randi today on a Bullshit! DVD that came in from Netflix. I had seen Mr. Randi’s picture yesterday while reading the current issue of Skeptic. This lead me to the Skeptic website where I discovered TED. TED–Technology Entertainment Design–is a four day event each year in Monterey, California that brings together “more than 1000 thought leaders, movers and shakers” to “get the chance to connect with extraordinary individuals who are helping create a better future for us all.”

If I had $4,400 and could get an invitation I’d definitely be at TED. But for those of us not fortunate to attend a TED conference they’ve put the talks on their website. TEDTalks is the place on the website where each week videos are released to download or watch online. These are some I watched today:

  • Steven Johnson discusses the 1854 London cholera outbreak and the scientific discovery of its source.
  • Economist Bjorn Lomborg makes a persuasive case for prioritizing the world’s biggest problems.
  • Dan Dennett is the author of the book I’m currently reading, Breaking the Spell.
  • Julia Sweeney shares a hilarious story about her experience with Mormon missionaries.
  • Richard Dawkins, author of my favorite book, The God Delusion. His reference to Playboy Magazine made me laugh. I’m convinced people who don’t read this magazine have no idea how wonderful it is and treat it unfairly based on false assumptions. I’m a proud subscriber.

Enjoy! I will be.

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