Learjet Sues Area Couple In Phantom Parts Scam

Learjet, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against David Gulledge and his wife for an elaborate, yet poorly executed, parts scam. David worked in the stock room at the Learjet service center in Wichita, Kansas and had the ability, but not the authority, to approve purchase orders. According to the lawsuit filed by Learjet, Mr. Gulledge set up a phantom vendor, ordered parts from that vendor, received the phantom parts, issued a receipt for said parts, and was then paid by Learjet for the parts.

David and I worked together when we were both SAP power users in 2001 and 2002. We traveled back and forth between Montreal and Wichita on the company jet. David was a nice guy but very quiet. Who’dathunkit???

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3 Replies to “Learjet Sues Area Couple In Phantom Parts Scam”

  1. What a nut!! I could do better than that!! Register your business to the home address? Order and dropship AND receive on the same day??? RED FLAG CITY!!! And the gall to actually send proof of delivery?!?!?! And call disputing the non-payment?!?! GEEZZZZ! The guy has big ones! Why aren’t they arrested? Is Lear embarrassed by the episode? Hey Brent; I have an idea….

  2. hey, you can shut the fuck up, this is my father you are talking about.

  3. And my uncle. I’d like to see you even think of something like that, Paul. Oh wait, you don’t have an IQ above the room temperature, so you couldn’t. Go away.

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