The Playboy Philosophy

Photograph Brent Danley

Kirsten and I compiled the eighteen chapters of The Playboy Philosophy from into Portable Document Format (PDF) for your convenience. I hope Hef doesn’t mind.

Download it here.

Hugh Hefner began writing The Playboy Philosophy in 1962 at the beginning of the sexual revolution. Each chapter of The Playboy Philosophy was printed in an issue of the magazine beginning with the ninth anniversary issue in December 1962. The Playboy Philosophy continues each month in what is now The Playboy Forum.

From the introduction of the first chapter:

Recently, and increasingly in the past year, Playboy’s aims and outlook have been given considerable comment in the press, particularly in the journals of social, philosophical and religious opinion, and have become a popular topic of conversation at cocktail parties around the country. While we’ve been conscious of the virtues in seeing ourselves as others see us, we’ve also felt the image is occasionally distorted; having listened patiently for so long a time to what others have decided Playboy represents and stands for, we’ve decided — on this ninth anniversary — to state our own editorial credo here, and offer a few personal observations on our present-day society and Playboy’s part in it — an effort we hope to make interesting to friends and critics alike.

Watch a video of Hef explaining The Playboy Philosophy.


14 thoughts on “The Playboy Philosophy

  1. For a long time, I’ve wanted a copy of The Playboy Philosophy, less for its hedonistic attitude than for that singular mention within its boundaries of the necessity of freedom FROM religion as well as OF religion. So finally I googled it and … there you guys were!

    Many thanks!

  2. Loren, Excellent. It took a long time to compile the Philosophy so I’m glad to hear someone downloaded it. I hope Hef doesn’t mind. I am a loyal subscriber so maybe he won’t fuss about it too much :)

  3. There is a current exhibit of the Stonewall and Archives in Ft. Lauderdale called “From Kinsey to Stonewall.” I was thinking about that period and how I believe the first positive things I read about the Gay community were in the Playboy Philosophy. So I Googled you and there you were. Thanks so much.

  4. Why didnt you start out with this :

    ” Exactly nine years ago this month, the first issue of playboy was published, with a personal investment of $600 and $6000 begged or borrowed from anyone who would stand still long enough to listen to ” a new idea for a men’s magazine. ”

    I own the original 4 issues of the playboy philosophy, installments 1-22. Its alot of reading. Well written but long winded. I guess thats just Hef. Fritz

  5. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for this compilation. I’ve tried to do the same myself here and there since it was put on I never made it :-)

  6. You are all quite welcome.

    @Fritz – That’s awesome! I’d hang on to those.

    I’m not pleased with the direction Playboy has gone these past few years. It seems as though they’ve lost their voice while chasing greenbacks. I hope the new CEO, Scott Flanders, can turn things around and rebuild Playboy’s reputation as an edgy, sophisticated and important magazine which happens to include photographs of scantily-clad girls next door.

  7. Interesting that Christian religious dogma, which has pervaded Western society for more than a millenium, calls for the subjugation and total dominance of women as the property of men — yet the “Playboy Philosophy,” which is supposed to be a rejection of Calvinist-style self-deprivation, also calls for the subjugation and total dominance of women as the property of men. The only difference is that women are commodified as sexual servants instead of domestic ones.

    1. @LEB – I’m guessing you’ve never read the Playboy Philosophy.

      The “Playboy Philosophy,” … calls for the subjugation and total dominance of women as the property of men.

      Please cite your reference.

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