Kirsten’s New Ride

Kirsten bought a new car yesterday.

Anticipating the birth of our third daughter and the extra room she and her car seat would require, in 2003 we traded our Nissan Altima for a new Chevy Venture. I guess you can say we’ve come full-circle. Hayley is now the only one requiring a car seat. We’ve enjoyed the Venture but the extra space the minivan had came at the expense of higher gas prices and a sexy woman driving a not-so-sexy vehicle.

Last week Kirsten started researching cars she might want and visited dealerships to see what was available. When she found a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta in her price range and with the options she desired she started the negotiation process. Every day she’d go down to the dealership to inquire if they’d lowered their price to hers and every day the price came down…but not enough for her. On the last day the manager asked, “Do you bake cookies?” He said he’d come the rest of the way if she’d agree to bake them some fresh cookies. They had a deal.

My part of the ordeal was to show up and autograph four places on paperwork she’d already completed. I’m super proud of her. She shopped around, did gobs of research, found her car, and negotiated financing without any help from me. It’s nice to be with a woman who is capable, strong, smart, sophisticated, talented, and sexy. I hope she enjoys her new ride.

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  1. There are lots of women who have proven themselves to be capable, strong, smart, sophisticated, and talented. (The “sexy” varies from person to person). That is why car dealerships have found they have to cater to women. I read an article a while back that stated that more then half of the new car sales were to women.

    My wife has bought the last 3 cars we have owned. She is as good or better at dealing than I am.

    So, when is Kristen going to bake cookies for those of us in the forgotten back shops?

  2. I’ve read that statistic about women making car purchases. Kirsten doesn’t work outside the home so I make the money and she spends it. I like it that way =)

    I am especially proud of Kirsten because for her this is a big deal. She belonged to a misogynistic religion for the first thirty years of her life so patriarchy seems almost hard-wired into her brain. It has been difficult to convince her that I’m not in charge and that her opinions are at least as important as mine. I definitely want a strong woman so the change has been wonderful for me. Plus I think she’s much happier. Ever wonder why Utah is the Prozac capital of the world?

  3. Ahhh, now I understand why Kirsten was so adamant about the fish on the back of her minivan.

    Out of curiosity, what was your background with religion, Brent?

  4. Mormon. I served a full-time proselytizing mission in Massachusetts from 1992-94.

  5. Ahh, now I begin to understand.

    What are your thoughts about your mission? Also, my experience has been that Morman people are either the nicest people a person could meet or the most overbearing, arrogant, self entitled acting people in the world. This may be my opinion only because I have experienced closer relationships with only a few, but why the difference?

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