Ginger Had Babies

Yesterday Skye came into to the kitchen to announce to Kirsten and me that her new hamster, Ginger, had babies. Now we only got this hamster a week and a half ago and couldn’t have known it was pregnant. She said Ginger was carrying one of the cute hairless babes in her mouth. When we looked we couldn’t see anything. But then…we heard tiny little squeals and eventually the bedding parted enough for us to catch a glimpse of the new babies. We don’t know how many there are but they’re very very small.

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  1. When the babies were three weeks old we returned them…and Ginger…to the store. They were more than happy to take them back. At $11 each they stood to make $66 on the return. Skye was just too scared of the little rodents to justify putting up with the smell.

    When the pet store employee put them hamsters in the glass enclosure Ginger began attacking each hamster one by one. She was effective enough in one fight to bloody her opponent’s back. She even attacked one of her offspring for a moment until she realized it wasn’t one of the bad guys.

    So the girls got a pet for a while and are now happy not to have one. It worked out to be a good experience for us all.

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