Acadia National Park

brentdanley Last Monday we packed up from three days of camping at Balsam Cove Campground at Toddy Pond to drive to Acadia National Park to see the park and purchase our annual pass.  Brian, a camper in the site next to us, told us about Seawall Campground inside Acadia that does not take reservations and […]


I was determined to get on the pond early to enjoy the sunrise and calm before everyone else began their fishing and boating activities. We were staying at Balsam Cove Campground for three nights and I only had the canoe rented for the morning and I wanted to make the most of it. Kirsten set […]

Peaks Island

brentdanley Yesterday I took the 9:15 ferry to Peaks Island for a day of kayaking and cycling. The kayaking adventure was a half-day trip with the Maine Island Kayak Company. Five of us met our guide at the ferry terminal before we stopped at the only public restrooms on the island and then a short […]


brentdanley If you’ve visited my Flickr photostream lately you may think it’s turned into a travelogue. We have been having a great time in Vacationland. Wednesday afternoon I did a L.L. Bean walk-on kayaking adventure in Casco Bay. It was an amazing time. The fog was thick as we paddled along the shore. Old sailing […]

Candlepin Bowling

The rain didn’t prevent us from adventure today. We decided to go candlepin bowling at Vacationland Bowling and Recreation Center here in Saco on Route 1. I’ve wanted to candlepin bowl since the early ’90s when I lived in Massachusetts. We had a great time! The balls are small and light and don’t have holes. […]