“The Way Life Should Be”

We live four miles from a white sand beach in Saco, Maine. Could life get any better? I don’t know how. Especially since our high speed internet was installed yesterday 😉

To be fair I’ve considered what might be better about Wichita, Kansas than Southern Maine and have come up with a very short list.

1. Clouds – They seem to be about the same; no better, no worse. This is important because I love looking at and photographing them.

2. Driver’s license – The Maine driver’s license is ugly and is in serious need of an update.

3. Parking at the baseball game – There’s never a parking problem at the Wichita Wrangler’s Lawrence Dumont Stadium. If Kansas has one thing in it’s favor it’s plenty of wide open spaces that could be utilized for parking. We drove past the stadium here just before game time and parking was a mess and expensive. It won’t keep us away though since the Sea Dogs are affiliated with the Boston Red Sox and are sure to be much better than the Wranglers.

4. Quiktrip – Maine seems to be completely void of the best gas station/convenience stores anywhere! Oh well. We do have Dunkin Donuts on every corner. I suppose that makes up for it 🙁

Besides these few things Maine is superior in every way! The weather is perfect, the scenery is natural and beautiful, the cities and towns have character and charm, the people are super kind and–for the most part–love being Mainers.

4 Replies to ““The Way Life Should Be””

  1. Keep lots of pictures coming. The first post is almost enough to make me want to move there. Then I think of how far north it is…I don’t like snow!

  2. Oh, and I saw the need to update my email…. : )

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  4. Oh yeah, I forgot one. Airshows. Kansas has lots of airshows. And I love airshows. But it certainly isn’t the ONLY place with airshows. I’ll just have to find some around here.

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