Candlepin Bowling

Skye goes for a strike!
Skye goes for a strike!

The rain didn’t prevent us from adventure today. We decided to go candlepin bowling at Vacationland Bowling and Recreation Center here in Saco on Route 1. I’ve wanted to candlepin bowl since the early ’90s when I lived in Massachusetts.

We had a great time! The balls are small and light and don’t have holes. Their small size makes it VERY difficult to hit the balls. They try to make up for this by allowing three rolls per frame and by leaving the fallen pins (dead wood) down during the frame. Also, each player played two frames before their turn is up.

While we were playing our first game “glow bowling” started on our side of the alley. They played fun music, turned off the house lights, and turned on the disco lights. We will definitely be glow bowling again!! It was a blast!

After bowling we drove down Main Street to Rapid Ray’s for hot dogs and clam cakes. The food was what you’d expect and the staff was very friendly. It’ll be a nice place to stop by while I’m riding my bike around Saco.

Kirsten and I LOVE this place. Everyone is friendly and there’s an endless list of fun things to do and see.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I had never heard of that game before, so now I feel a tiny bit more enlightened. Thanks!

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