If you’ve visited my Flickr photostream lately you may think it’s turned into a travelogue. We have been having a great time in Vacationland.

Wednesday afternoon I did a L.L. Bean walk-on kayaking adventure in Casco Bay. It was an amazing time. The fog was thick as we paddled along the shore. Old sailing yachts were moored in the anchorage, ducks flew past just over the water, lobster boats chugged by, and a great blue heron fished near the rocks exposed by the low tide.

Thursday the girls and I boarded Island Romance for a six hour narrated cruise that snaked its way through the islands of Casco Bay to Bailey Island and back. We saw a whale, seals, lobsterman, lighthouses, millions of lobster buoys, and gorgeous islands rimmed with majestic granite cliffs and beautiful homes.

Kirsten and I are definitely in love with our new home. We cannot image anywhere we’d rather be. Isn’t that the way life should be?

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