Peaks Island

Yesterday I took the 9:15 ferry to Peaks Island for a day of kayaking and cycling. The kayaking adventure was a half-day trip with the Maine Island Kayak Company. Five of us met our guide at the ferry terminal before we stopped at the only public restrooms on the island and then a short walk to the beach. After we decided our paddling route we had a thorough safety briefing and paddling introduction before getting into our kayaks and pushing off. We paddled north along Peaks Island before cutting across the shipping channel and through the shipwrecks off Little Diamond Island. Next we paddled up the east shore of Great Diamond Island to a small beach on the west side of Cow Island where we took a break and had a little snack.

Kayak Trip

From there we headed south around the west side of Great Diamond Island then between the Diamond Islands. On our trip out the tide was lower and strip of land connected the islands. On the way back the water was higher and we could paddle through.

If you live in Maine or are planning a trip Downeast I strongly suggest you contact the Maine Island Kayak Company and reserve your spot on one of their full or half-day trips. The staff are kind, safe, and very experienced.

I was a bit tired after the trip but excited to take a lap around the island on my bike. I walked to Island Avenue where I had locked my bike to a fence earlier in the morning. I changed from my water shoes to my Chucks, packed my bags, and headed out. The ride around Seashore Avenue was nothing short of magnificent. The salty sea air; sounds of waves crashing against rocks and sea gulls calling; the granite cliffs, smooth rocks, deep blue ocean water turning to turquoise then to white foam as it violently meets the shore, and colorful green grass and bright flowers combined to make my little journey one I’ll never forget. I could have stayed there all day; I could stay my whole life. But after a while pangs of missing my family became too much and I decided to get back on the ferry and return to the mainland. When I got home I wanted to crash from exhaustion but I could not, I had 250 pictures to pick through, process, and add to Flickr ;)

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