Last week, while searching the internet for like-minded people here in southern Maine, I discovered a new and wonderful website. is a place where anyone can plan events for people who share a common interest. It’s fantastic! Group members can share photos, messages, files, and are able to comment on and rate each meetup. When a meetup is announced users are able to RSVP so everyone knows how many people will attend (or not attend).

So far I belong to Meetup groups in Portland for skeptics, adventurers, Ruby developers, and people who like to play park games. Kirsten met interesting people this past Tuesday evening and enjoyed the conversation at a Skeptics Group meetup. is especially great for Kirsten and I since we’ve recently moved here “from away” and don’t have many friends. We’re excited to meet many fun and interesting people in the area!

“Virtual World, I’d like to introduce you to the Real World.”

You can view my profile here. Now go. Join a group or start your own. Life was not meant to be lived staring into a computer monitor alone.

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