April Fool

Kirsten is SO mean. She put water in a bowl and froze it over night. Then she had me pour a layer of Hayley’s favorite breakfast cereal, Kix, over the ice and add a little milk to make it look like a bowl FULL of Kix. Hayley was not amused. Every time she sees this […]


brentdanley Yes, that’s a keyfob. And, because it’s a Volkswagon Jetta keyfob, it’s also the key. Last Sunday the girls asked me to take them to Portland Head Light to climb on the rocks, hike and take pictures. The answer to that request will always be an enthusiastic “yes”. While I took pictures the girls […]

I Got a Job!!!

It’s been 336 days since I quit my job at Learjet in Wichita, Kansas. Today I accepted a position as photographer for Olan Mills’ Church Directories division. I’ll be traveling to churches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to take portraits for the directories and for sale. I will also be responsible for setting up and […]