I Got a Job!!!

It’s been 336 days since I quit my job at Learjet in Wichita, Kansas. Today I accepted a position as photographer for Olan Mills’ Church Directories division. I’ll be traveling to churches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to take portraits for the directories and for sale. I will also be responsible for setting up and taking down the mobile studio.

I look forward to meeting lots of people, traveling around my favorite part of the country, and gaining valuable photographic experience. I’ll work in the afternoon/evenings which will allow me to build my travel stock portfolio and pursue other projects and businesses during the days.

The stresses of unemployment have been replaced with excited anticipation!

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  1. Congratulations! You totally rock. I’m sure you’ll do a great job and have a great time doing it. As long as you keep your big mouth shut 🙂

  2. Thanks, Steven. You know me well. 🙂 I won’t do ANYTHING to jeopardize this sweet gig. Getting paid to travel and take pictures? Are you kidding me? It should be fun.

  3. Jason Gendron says: Reply

    Wow, that sounds awesome!! Congrats!

  4. Michael Danley says: Reply

    You know what your not a loser after all. I knew those people were wrong about you. It sounds like a fun job and Im sure you will like it. Does it work with Kirstens schedule with the kiddies? Kim and I are doing good we have finals coming up so were pretty busy with papers and our jobs. Im glad things are well and you picked a job that you will enjoy.
    I have the same approach as you life is too short.

  5. Congratulations Brent! I am so happy that you can do what you love for a living!

  6. A.J. Whitney says: Reply

    That’s fantastic Brent! Getting to take pictures and travel around New England for a living sounds like a perfect opportunity. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Brent. It’s awesome that you found something in the photographic world.

  8. Paul Carter says: Reply

    Great Job Brent! That will give you travel time and more beautiful shots of the country!! Can’t wait for those to show up!

  9. S. Ferguson says: Reply

    Does anyone see the irony?
    A declared/avid atheist earning his money taking pictures of the common Church going crowd?
    On some level… That’s just wrong! 🙂
    Congratulations Brent.

  10. Kenneth Danley says: Reply

    Congratulations brother.
    A job where you do what you truly enjoy and get paid for it, that sounds great. The only down side is you are going to be hearing a lot of “may God bless you” and none of your candidates will be taking off their clothes.

  11. Thank you!!!!

    @Ken – It only bothers me when people who know I’m an atheist wish god’s blessings on me or say they’ll pray for me. Everyone else is just being nice, and I don’t have a problem with nice.

    none of your candidates will be taking off their clothes


  12. Brent…i finally got into the “I GOT A JOB” blog….woooo………

    congrats on your job as a photographer….like one of the people said previously…it is funny that you are a atheist…….working for churches…..wowow..that is tooo funny……congrats and good luck..what a great job to be able to travel….wooohoooo

  13. Sara Sterling says: Reply

    Congratulations Brent! Sounds great, I’m jealous! (getting paid for taking pictures…) 🙂

  14. Jim Flowers says: Reply

    Congratulations. We knew you would find something and glad you got something you enjoy doing.

  15. KS Grandma says: Reply

    You’re not and Atheist; you only think you are. I’m
    so glad for you and the family that you have a job
    you will love. Interesting that you will be taking
    church directory pics. Better be careful or God
    will rub of on you! Everything happens for a
    reason kiddo! Love you and the family much! Hugs!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Jodi Clayton says: Reply

    Congratulations! Taking pictures and NOT sitting in a cube??? Could life be finer? Are you going to take the girls with you?

  17. @KS Grandma (a.k.a. Pat) – Really, I am an atheist. 😉 We miss you!

    @Jodi – Thank you. Not sitting in a cube will be awesome!! Also, I will only see my boss every four or six weeks, so that’s great, too. Although, he is very nice. I start Tuesday and will know better then what to expect. I do hope the girls will be able to come with me. When school’s out they’ll probably travel with me some.

  18. I’m so excited for you, Honey! I’m glad you’ll be doing something you’re passionate about. What an awesome opportunity! We’re sure going to miss you though.

  19. derek vigue says: Reply

    Congrats Brent! glad to hear it. i hope u enjoy your new job…..


  20. Jason Gendron says: Reply

    It’s interesting to see now, how excited you were about this job when you first got it. 🙂

  21. @Jason – I agree. If you recall, I was desperate. Also, I had too little understanding of just how dysfunctional is Olan Mills. It is the worst company for which I have ever worked, save one.

    Also, the floundering economy has significantly softened the demand for studio portraits, which means I’m taking home far less money than when I started.

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