April Fool

Kirsten is SO mean. She put water in a bowl and froze it over night. Then she had me pour a layer of Hayley’s favorite breakfast cereal, Kix, over the ice and add a little milk to make it look like a bowl FULL of Kix. Hayley was not amused. Every time she sees this video she reminds me that she didn’t think it was funny, that she was only laughing because I made her.

She also put a looooooooooong dark thread in Jenna’s shirt with only a couple inches hanging out. In the morning I pointed Jenna’s attention to the wayward thread. She couldn’t be bothered by it. I told her to remove it. She pulled and pulled at the thread of seemingly infinite length. Skye wondered aloud where the thread was coming from since the shirt Jenna was wearing didn’t even contain that dark color.

Kirsten, you’re mean! Funny, though.

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  1. WHAT?!! I’m NOT either mean. I’d say the girls thought they were pretty good jokes. OK, so Hayley was a little offended, and Jenna was apathetic. 🙂 But at least Skye appreciated her prank: an apple disguised as an orange. I carved out the inside of an orange from the bottom and shoved a small apple inside the peel. Skye had been disappointed that I’d played a trick on Hayley and Jenna, but not her. So when I “fooled” Skye she was pretty pleased about it.

  2. S. Ferguson says: Reply

    Lol That was great!

    Next year consider a late night bed switch (if you can)… Once everyone is good and asleep, take Hayley and carry her to the bathroom. Then grab Jenna and put her in Hayley’s bed. Then carry Skye and put her in Jenna’s bed. Finally, retrieve Hayley from the bathroom and place her in Jenna’s bed.

    I did this to my two daughters (6,8 years old) last year and they are still talking about it. This year, as I checked on them before going to bed, the oldest was still awake (10:45) ready to foil my bed switch attempt. I had to tell her to go to sleep as I wasn’t planing to do that.

    This year I loosely stitched the pant legs together so when they went to put on their jeans they couldn’t get their feet all the way through.

    My 3 year old son was to young to participate. Frozen Kix for him next year!

  3. OK–this was so funny! Really now my friend…who are the kids in this family? Just kidding! I have to give Kirsten points..this idea was very clever!

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