Noah and the Great Flood

Noah’s Ark

I saw this beautiful watercolor hanging in a church where I worked last week. It’s amusing to me that a story that’s obviously for children is believed as literal truth by millions of otherwise intelligent adults.

Come on! Were there no rainbows pre-flood? Did the physics of light change after the flood? Were there only large African and North American mammals on Noah’s ark? It shouldn’t take the average person long, after only a brief analysis, to realize the silliness of this story .

Do you believe the story? If so, I’d love to hear your supporting arguments. Please comment.

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  1. Buried in King says: Reply

    Hmmm, considering the logistics, one would have to believe in miracles to think the story of Noah actually happened!

    I can handle “extraordinary”, and maybe even “unexplainable”, but I have trouble with this one even after seeing “Evan Almighty”! Maybe that was it. Maybe it was a Hollywood extravangaza but the financing was pulled before it was done. So we only got the book, and not the movie.

    But I am not sure I would just pitch it out and call it stupidity. I think I would class it more as a story with a moral, along the lines of Aesops Fables.

  2. Buried in King says: Reply

    Don’t ask me what the moral is! I would have to get silly and say something like:

    “Dog is man’s best friend only if he is housebroken!”

    or, “Why did Noah have 3 sons with him?” (SOMEBODY had to shovel the s***!) and we know that all women cop an attitude when we fuss at them about cleaning house!

  3. @Buried – Not only would you have to believe in miracles, you’d have to believe god completely wiped out any evidence of such an event in order to hide it. Perhaps he figured a rainbow was sufficient “proof”.

    As a story it is good and has a clear message: obey or die. What is absolutely stupid is believing that it literally occurred.

  4. “Were there no rainbows pre-flood?”

    As I understand it, rainbows existed and just didn’t have any special meaning associated with them. Just sayin’.

    The Old Testament is, at best, the world’s oldest version of ‘the telephone game.’

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