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I recently had my fifty-sixth photo reach Explore on Flickr. One of my contacts, Travis Church, commented that most of my photos that have made it into Explore were taken since moving to Maine. He’s right. Let me break down the numbers then I’ll offer a bit of analysis.

Each photo uploaded to Flickr has an interestingness score relative to every other photo uploaded that day.  Explore is the top 500 photos for a given day.

I uploaded my first photos to Flickr February 25, 2006.  I purchased my first D-SLR (Nikon D70s) on June 8, 2006.  I had my first photo reach Explore, which skyrocketed all the way to number 1, on June 10, 2006 (I’ll admit, it was a total fluke).  We moved from Kansas to Maine on June 13, 2007.

Kansas Maine
Flickr Days 472 361
D-SLR Days 370 361
Flickr Uploads 716 659
Explore Photos 9 47

The obvious explanation is that Maine is simply much more photogenic than Kansas.  That fact is, in large part, why we decided to move to Maine.  I would rather gaze at the seacoast than a wheat field, obviously, and so would most people I know.  It should also be pointed out that of the nine photos which made it to Explore during the Kansas era, four were taken indoors and one is from New York City.  To be fair, not all the photos which made Explore during the Maine era were taken in Maine or have anything to do with Maine.  However, none of them were taken in Kansas, either.  Of the 47 photos which made Explore during the Maine era, 26 are of lighthouses (10 just of PHL).

Kansas isn’t all bad.  I’ve blogged about the good parts before.  I maintain friendships with a handful of people in Kansas.  And I miss them.  But I don’t miss Kansas.  It was and is a great place for an aspiring photographer becauses it forces one to look high and low, to develop a photographic “eye”.  I drove many hundreds of miles in Kansas searching for a postcard shot.  I think I got a few…just a few.

Besides the obvious fact that Maine is just better looking than Kansas, it must be stated that over time my photography talent has certainly matured as well as my skills in the digital darkroom.  This might partially explain the enormous interestingness gap.  I also have many more contacts and, therefore, eyeballs, looking at each photo I upload now.  That, too, makes a difference.  I’ve developed a bit of a following that I didn’t have in Kansas, but of course that is the result of having better pictures of more interesting locales.  Is it the chicken or the egg?

I appreciate the comments, favorites and being added as a contact that every Explore photo invariably attracts.  I don’t, however, think my Explore pics represents my best work, necessarily.  My favorite pictures are in my “My Favorites” set.

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