Our First Maine Anniversary

A year ago today we arrived in Maine. Hooray! And what a year it’s been. We love being Mainers. The landscapes are spectacular and so are the people.

The schools here in Saco are wonderful and have worked with us to provide the girls excellent educational opportunites and have kept them challenged. The girls have made many friends and visited many exciting places.

Kirsten has a job she enjoys. She also volunteers at the schools. I have yet to find employment I can be passionate about. I’ve enjoyed traveling throughout our new state and photographing seascapes and lighthouses.

Our first winter was wonderful, beautiful and pleasant! We got a lot of snow but very little ice and wind. It wasn’t nearly as gloomy as people predicted it would be and much better than any winter we experienced in Kansas.

They say you have to have been born in the state to be a real Mainer, but we definitely feel like we’re home here. Maine is definitely the way life should be. I think we’re here to stay.

2 Replies to “Our First Maine Anniversary”

  1. Not just born here- there is a general rule among hardcore Mainers that you have to be second generation born here to be a “real Mainer”.

  2. @Inez – Hello, and welcome to The Rhetoric.

    Do you think the criteria for being a “real” Mainer or the negative views of people “from away” is a good thing? My heart is certainly here but I feel like I’ll never really belong as far as “real” Mainers are concerned because it’s impossible for me to get into the fraternity. I can’t be born again, can I? 😉

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