Are We on an Oil Diet?

People are actually starting to curb their consumption habits.  Whew!  It looks like, for now, $4 is a magic number.  People are driving less and automakers are taking notice. Oil Isn’t Cheap Anymore By Kevin Bullis, Technology Review, July 10, 2008 It’s about time!  Last week I heard an interesting advertisement for a local automobile […]

Impossible Rules

When I was a Mormon missionary serving in Massachusetts in the early 1990s our message was quite positive.  What we were selling was purpose, lasting peace, true happiness and strong families.  Occasionally we found a credulous undereducated person who desired these things and we were able to seal the deal and persuade them to join […]

Right to Die

Assisted Suicide of Healthy 79-Year-Old Renews German Debate on Right to Die By MARK LANDLER, NY Times, July 3, 2008 But many here do not want Germany to follow the example of Switzerland, where liberal laws on euthanasia have led to a bustling trade in assisted suicide. In the last decade, nearly 500 Germans have […]

Playboy: Old and New

Playboy Magazine, June 1972 (Liv Lindeland) A few days ago I received several old Playboys I had purchased from an Ebay dealer. I got all three issues that feature Liv Lindeland (January 1971, June 1972 and December 1979), September 1973 (my birth month), January 1974 (20th Anniversary Issue) and several others for the authors and […]