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If you’re like me you have a lot of photos stored on your Flickr account.  Some of my pictures, for various reasons, ONLY exist on Flickr.  This isn’t good.  Plus, I want to clean up my photostream and get rid of some old junk.  It was time to do a backup.  Unfortunately, Flickr does not yet have a way for users to do a batch download of all their photos (or even subsets).

After a simple Google search I discovered a utility to do just what I wanted.  It’s called Flickr Downloadr.  It uses the Flickr API to retrieve all or some of your pictures or anybody else’s.

Check it out for yourself.  My backup is almost complete.

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  1. The downloadr is cool. I particularly like the ability to download only a particular set, or whatever.

    One thing to be careful of, though, is that if you have your *upload* preferences set so that your images are “downsized”, and flickr is the only place you have them, you may still have a problem…

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