Top Ten Playboy Covers

Yesterday I downloaded all 657 Playboy covers (I wrote a PHP script to do all the busy work).  After rating each cover on a five-scale there were twenty-three that made the highest mark.  Winnowing those down to just ten was difficult.

Playboy has always had creative, fun and sexy covers.  The photography and concepts are terrific.  Some eras are certainly better than others.  It is interesting to see the evolution of the brand since Playboy’s inception in 1953.

Here are my top ten Playboy Magazine covers (in chronological order). Click a thumbnail to see a larger version.

Playboy Cover: July 1963 - Judy Newton
July 1963
Judy Newton
Playboy Cover: October 1963 - Teddi Smith
October 1963
Teddi Smith
Playboy Cover: July 1965 - Joey Thorpe
July 1965
Joey Thorpe
Playboy Cover: August 1969 - Penny James
August 1969
Penny James
Playboy Cover: July 1970 - Janet Wolf
July 1970
Janet Wolf
Playboy Cover: July 1974 - Christine Maddox
July 1974
Christine Maddox
Playboy Cover: November 1975 - Patricia Margot McClain
November 1975
Patricia Margot McClain
Playboy Cover: February 2002 - Jaime Pressly
February 2004
Jaime Pressly
Playboy Cover: October 2005 - Sara Jean
October 2005
Sara Jean
Playboy Cover: January 2007 - Pamela Anderson
January 2007
Pamela Anderson

Is your favorite cover missing from my list? If so, let me know in the comments which cover you think I missed and I’ll add it as a reader favorite.

21 September 2008 – Playboy has just posted all the iconic Playboy Magazine covers at (the free site). Thanks, Hef.

From the October 2008 issue (pg. 18)…

Starting with the waving Marilyn Monroe on our first issue’s cover, PLAYBOY has provided newsstands with some of the most iconic images in magazine history. Each mixes sex appeal, sophistication and (excepting that first issue) a Playboy Rabbit.

Speaking of that rabbit…can you find the bunny on my favorite covers and yours? No cheating.

4 Replies to “Top Ten Playboy Covers”

  1. Great idea for a traffic magnet post. Let’s see how it goes…

  2. @Steven – That might be true but it was not my intent. Do you have a favorite cover? Wait, you probably don’t even have Playboy in Australia* (at least not the US covers).

    *I looked. You don’t. The Australian edition ceased publication in January of 2000. 🙁

  3. That’s funny (in both senses). I had no idea we didn’t have it here. Last time I looked, we did. Which I guess goes to show how long it is since I looked 🙂

    I don’t really have a fave. The one with the frosted glass (1963) is fun, I guess.

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