My Birthday

I turned thirty-five today (okay, yesterday, the twenty-sixth). I spent the day taking pictures of old ladies and disrespectful and unruly children at a church in Burlington, Massachusetts. Most of the day was pretty blasé. In fact, it rather sucked.

After work I hurried to my hotel to catch the presidential debate. It was less interesting than I had hoped. As soon as the debate ended I drove to Hooters where my day turned dramatically. I sat at the bar and met several very nice people and engaged in interesting conversation while downing several Guinnesses and reading studies about IQ and inheritance in Scientific American. I had a great time. The Saugus Hooters is only six days old and was crowded (that’s a good thing).

I talked to Kirsten by telephone several times throughout the day. She also sent an email with risqué pictures of her attached. How cool is that?!

I really wanted to be home with my girls or to have been able to speak with family and friends who called and left voice messages. I’m just glad to have been able to meet new people at Hooters and have a good time. Otherwise, it would have been a lonely and pathetic birthday.

I’m looking forward to returning home tomorrow to spend time with the girls and enjoy Kirsten’s delicious macaroni and cheese and scrumptious chocolate cake.

4 Replies to “My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, dude.

    I love that you hyperlinked “Hooters” and “Scientific American” in this post (but not “Burlington” or “Guinesses”). Made me chuckle.

  2. @Steven – Thanks, mate. LOL. I’ve added the hyperlinks.

  3. Wish we could have spent your birthday together, Babe. I’m glad your day turned around and you enjoyed your night. :-)

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