PBS Frontline: Sick Around the World

Are you one of the many Americans who, with your head planted firmly in the sand, thinks the US health care system (that’s a stretch) is the best in the world?

Watch this.

In this excellent show T.R. Reid, a veteran foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, explores the universal health care systems of five wealthy nations. We could learn a lot if we simply look to other examples of what works and cherry-pick the best parts of each.

T.R. Reid is a veteran foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, a commentator for National Public Radio and the author of nine books, including three in Japanese. He is currently working on his 10th book, titled We’re Number 37!, in which he compares America’s health care system to others around the world. It is scheduled to be published by Penguin Press in early 2009.

3 Replies to “PBS Frontline: Sick Around the World”

  1. Frontline? Reminded me of this

  2. This was very interesting. We certainly could learn a lot from these other countries. This was timely, as I just discovered the outrageous cost of an MRI…$3200.00! And Japan charges $98. Perhaps I don’t need one that bad. Our health care system SUCKS!

  3. @Kirstendanley – I think calling it a “system” is extremely generous.

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