My Birthday Celebration 2.0

Birthdays aren’t a big deal to me. This year I spent mine watching the first presidential debate and hanging out at the new Hooters in Saugus, Massachusetts.

It was nice to return home Saturday evening to one of my favorite meals and my wonderful girls. Kirsten baked macaroni and cheese from my mom’s old recipe. Yummy! She also made my favorite black forest cake. The candles were the trick kind that relight themselves after they’re blown out. Fun.

Kirsten gave me a flourescent light so I (we) can read in bed at night. Skye gave me a small Rubik’s Cube. Hayley gave me 9¢ to buy my favorite (candy) bar. They each made me a card. How cool is that? I love those girls.

Kirsten dressed extra sexy, as she does whenever I’m returning from a road trip. I appreciate that a lot!

Several friends and family called or left messages on my Facebook page. I guess if there’s one thing good about having a birthday it is having an excuse to reconnect.

The girls helped me blow out my “trick” candles

After a long week away it was nice to return to my sweetheart

Kirsten is a hottie!

Me and Skye

Me and Jenna

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