My Favorite Place

This afternoon I spent some time at Portland Head Light reading, relaxing and taking pictures. It is, after all, my favorite place.

Things have been tough lately. Stressful. I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle. I used to take pictures to clear my mind and relieve stress but lately I feel too guilty and selfish if I’m out wasting gas and not looking for a better job. I drove Kirsten to an appointment she had at school this morning and while I waited for her I drove over to PHL. It was so nice I decided I had to return later with my camera.

Clouds over the Atlantic

Me at PHL

Kirsten and I went to the library on our way home. I checked out The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman. I had verified the night before that it was there and available. Paul won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday. I’ve been reading his New York Times op/ed column for a long time and have been impressed by his intellect. I’m excited to read his latest book.

Portland Head Light

After dropping Kirsten off at the house I picked up a couple of chili dogs from Rapid Ray’s and headed to Cape Elizabeth. I hiked out to my favorite spot on high cliffs at the southernmost point of the park, set up my chair and settled in. I read my new library book, snapped a few pictures for fun, ate my lunch and thoroughly enjoyed being in my own little slice of heaven. I love the salty sea air, cool breeze, busy lobster boats, several lighthouses and occasional tour buses unloading people who’ve come a long way to see my lighthouse (I usually see them from a distance).

Just playin’ around

It was time wonderfully spent. I’ll need to go back soon to preserve any remaining sanity. It’s a wonderful place and will be less and less crowded as the mercury drops in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Portland Head Light is one of my favorite places to. I live about an hour an 15 minutes away. I like to drive down on my days off. I really like the days it is raining and foggy I shut of my car crack the window and listen to the fog horns and the ocean and take a snooze. It is calming after a long week at work. just a hint don’t do landscaping for a living and be the supervisor.

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