Hayley and the Pledge of Allegiance

As an atheist I do not like that in 1954 the phrase “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance. Obviously. Nevertheless, the girls recite it each morning before they begin their studies.

The very notion of reciting, in unison, a pledge of allegiance to anything is nothing less than thought reform and has no place in an institution of learning where minds should be challenged and dissension encouraged.

On a lighter note, Hayley loves being in kindergarten and adores her teacher. Several times she has been selected to be the Star of the Week and enjoys the responsibility and attention each time. She tells me she doesn’t learn anything and attempts to placate me by saying that it’s just the way kindergarten is.

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  1. Very cute, and – as you say – a little bit disturbing. One of these days I must post a video of Michaela singing Advance Australia Fair.

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