A Cheap Date

Kirsten and I like to spend time together at least one day each week while the girls are in school and we’re both off work (Kirsten worked last night, so she was very tired).

After getting ready we headed to Starbucks where we drank coffee, read and conversed. It was a wonderful time. She is the best friend anybody could hope for. She’s funny, intelligent, fun and super hot!

“Ooh la la. Nice gluteal muscles!”

After a couple hours I drove her to her doctor appointment where she had an IUD inserted. Then we went to the library so she could drop off some DVDs and we could browse the collections. It was cheap but very fun. We just love being together. I know I do, anyways.

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  1. (a) Are you trying to earn points or something, with all this public flattery?
    (2) an IUD? I thought you had had the snip? (Since we’re being public about our privates)

  2. @stevenpam – a) no, I really do dig her…big time!

    b) Kirsten has had various problems since she developed a brain tumor and had it surgically removed. The IUD should help alleviate some of those issues.

  3. @stevenpam “Since we’re being public about our privates”…lol

    Ok, ok… you got points anyway Brent. 😉 I really dig you too, btw.

    I do look forward to and love our dates together. I have to say I much prefer going somewhere to read and talk than going to a movie. I’m so excited for the cafe to open at the Portland public library. (Note: the toffee nut flavored coffee at Starbucks is yummy.)

    Who knew going to get an IUD insert would make for an enjoyable date…

  4. I was told there would be cramping so I had just a little anxiety about it. When my OB/GYN finished the little “procedure” I said to him “That’s it?!! I’ve had worse.” (think Monty Python)

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