I Love the Smell of An Upgraded CMS

The Rhetoric uses the WordPress CMS as it’s blogging engine. Until yesterday it was on version 2.1. I’ve intended to upgrade for some time to take advantage of the new features, themes, widgets and overall ease of use. Yesterday was the day.

The Rhetoric is now running on WordPress version 2.6.3.

I chose the iNove 1.0.3 theme for it’s simplicity and power. I don’t know if it will stay, but so far I like it. I’m just kicking the tyres for now. I’ll continue to configure it a bit more. Suggestions are always welcome. Please leave a comment.

The upgrade process itself couldn’t have been more simple. I backed up the MySQL database, backed up the files, deleted the old files, downloaded the new files and copied them over to the web server, ran the upgrade utility and installed this new theme. None of it was complicated and I had zero issues. Backing up the files was by far the most time-consuming part. The complete upgrade took no more than twenty minutes.

I hope you like the changes as much as I do.

2 Replies to “I Love the Smell of An Upgraded CMS”

  1. The new theme looks tidy.

    Another reason to stay up to date is security. One of my sites was hacked earlier this year – I don’t know if it was a WordPress vulnerability exploit or something else, but I was a few versions behind at the time.

  2. @Steven – Thanks. What did the hackers do to your site?

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